Get out as quickly as you can. If you can't leave immediately because you don't have access to a shelter or other resources, start carefully collecting all your personal documents, bank information, extra cash, evidence of abuse, etc. and hiding it somewhere you can easily access it when you are ready to go. Email copies to a private email as well.

If you are not married to the person, have no children together or joint assets together,  leaving and starting over is very easy with us. Don't stay in an unsafe situation!

When children are involved, your situation is too complex to leave without planning, or you're not sure if you should leave, contact Urban Success by phone, email, Facebook - any way you can so we can create a safety plan for you.


  • Tell someone you trust that you are in danger and need to leave.

  • Identify a safe and confidential meeting spot that our team and you agree upon in case you have to run and we need to come pick you up. It can be the store on the corner where you lock yourself in the restroom until we arrive or a neighbor's house, etc.

  • Create a crisis situation code word that lets us know you cant get out and we need to respond as quickly as possible to your location to help you leave when you send this code.

  • A mental list of steps to take before you leave if needed.

*If you are in a crisis situation - RUN - go with the clothes on your back and we will help you with the rest. JUST GET OUT ALIVE.

Each year too many women do not make it out for one reason or another. PLEASE LET US HELP YOU. Our experienced team of survivors want to help you.