Years ago, Urban Success noticed a need in the neighborhood of Winton Terrace. One of the most poverty stricken and Gang infested areas in our city, and home to over 4,000 people,

Recently, we decided to reach out to churches, synagogues and other groups to pull together volunteers interested in being the hands and feet of Jesus to this particular community.

Needs include:

By far our number one priority and need is bed donation and distribution coordinators - our goal is for no child or adult to sleep on the tile floor in their homes. We accept used cribs and beds of all sizes, (with or without box springs and frames), every day of the week and will pick them up free of charge to give to our families in need. We have a running waiting list of at least 30 beds at all times.

We are currently running a small pantry where families can come and pick out miscellaneous donated items such as baby things, clothes, dishes, cookware, small pieces of furniture, towels, blankets and pillows, etc and we could use help collecting these donations from around the city.

Under Ground Kings - we recently joined forces with a high energy group of young people determined to break cycles and teach our youth alternative life choices. These awesome mentors will be working with some of the most challenging kids in the community and living out the Urban Success motto - changing lives through action, in a very real way.

Parent Peace Partners - parents typically parent better and more effectively when they are happy and have more peace than stress in their lives. Why not extend your family by including a family in Winton Terrace and helping them achieve their goals and relieve some of the stress they face while trying to do everything alone.

Prayer Walk Teams - walk around designated parts of the community to pray with people and share the hope and love of God that they are missing.

Meals - we are planning on hosting dinners during classes and events 1-2 times a week and need cooks of all ages and abilities.

Class instructor assistants - parenting, money management, breaking mindsets and cycles, peer support, cooking, Bible study, conflict resolution.

Volunteers - are you interested in one of our programs and want to make a difference? Are you good at marketing, fundraising or donation drives? Can you transport people to food pantries or pick up and drop off donations? Who do you know that could help our cause in some way? Let us know!

We believe in changing lives through action. We all have something to offer and it will take all of us to make a life changing impact!