In early 2017, Urban Success Mentoring was approached by several young men with strong reputations in the streets. They have many years of gang experience and decided that way of life is not for them. It's not for anyone really. These young men want to do something positive for the next generation and are now working on a program to deter kids from following in their footsteps.

 Their goal is to drastically impact this city. They want rival gangs to make peace and come together to raise young children up the right way - helping them avoid the pitfalls of the street life which ultimately leads to prison, addiction, unemployment and death; introduce alternatives to violence; encourage education and entrepreneurialism; emphasize the importance of family and set them on a course for success throughout life.


            Please check back regularly for exciting updates as this program develops!


*If you know of someone at risk of joining a gang, someone who wants to get out of a gang or is being threatened by a gang, text or call us at 513-508-1171.