I was introduced to Urban Success in 2015 when they came out in the middle of the night to help me escape my abusive boyfriend. They not only helped me leave the apt and have him arrested, they helped me with finances and resources for housing and support then rebuilding my life in a safe and sober manner.

They still assist me on occasion with various needs and my PTSD. I cant say enough good things about Urban Success!

Urban Success is committed to their 2 hour service radius - they drove almost 2 hours late one night on a weekend to help me during a family conflict. They helped me with necessities such as diapers and food, how to create and run effective family meetings and establish responsibilities for each member of my family which helped take the stress off of me, having 7 children. They have also assisted beyond that throughout the past year when agencies who promised support didn't come through.


I love the team members of Urban Success! They have accompanied me on countless court escorts during my difficult divorce and helped me move out of my ex-husbands house to a new home. Every team member has been respectful, professional and put me and my kids at ease in any situation.

Urban Success Junior Squad, comprised of children who help other children, have been wonderful for my children to connect with.

Someday I want to give back to Urban Success by volunteering with them to help other survivors of domestic violence.

I first met Urban Success when I was homeless and using drugs. I had been beaten by a boyfriend pretty badly and my oldest daughter called them to find me. The Domestic Violence Intervention Unit did just that and stayed in the ER with me until almost 7am the next morning. 

I was scared to talk to them and kept denying how bad my situation was, but they reassured me they were just there to help and could relate to what I was going through.

Soon I realized they were telling me the truth. After my discharge, they provided resources and kept in touch with me. I was able to get away from my abuser and am now sober, safe, employed, have my own house and my family back in my life!


Human Trafficking is real and it can happen to anyone. I know because I am a man and Urban Success helped me escape when I was taken for organ harvesting.  I was in their homeless program at the time when I thought I was accepting a few hours of work for cash from a couple of strangers. Things changed quickly when I got in the car with the two men I didn't know. 

I texted Urban Success as soon as I could and they found me in an abandoned motel in another state just hours after I realized my fate. I can't thank them enough for their quick response.


Its amazing how a single person can steal who you are and everything you stand for. Especially someone who claimed to love you. I was a new widow and a new mother, I was alone and scared. I took a leap of faith when I chose to move in with a man I had known for many years. We had been  romantically involved for about 3 months. At first it was a perfect love like the ones you read about in fairytales but everyone says true colors will share through eventually first it started with cheating and pornography. I felt so helpless. He lead me to believe that I would never find someone else because I had a child and no one would want me. The cheating didnt stop, it turned into fights - door slamming, breaking things ad screaming until we were blue. During these fights he would lock me in rooms and not let me out until I stopped fighting, apologized and usually had sex with him.

I did this for 3 months one day when I stopped at a gas station to buy a drink with the money I had worked for with my own bank card - I couldnt find my card and my other one was declined. Why? Because he used my card for an online sex site and overdrew my account. I took my baby and left. That only lasted 3 days - he told me he cut his wrist and he was trying to kill himself. Under the pressure of guilt, I went back. I was staying with a friend and have lost most of my family to death. I was thinking it would be different, and they were - they went from bad to worse in just a week.

He thought I was going to leave so he swallowed an entire bottle of blood pressure pills and almost died. I called 911 and he spent 3 days in the ICU. I still stayed, believing that there was no hope things were ok for a month, then one night I decided to sleep in the living room because my daughter had fallen asleep in there. Well that was unacceptable. He started yelling. I was tired and I couldnt listen any more so I grabbed my sleeping bag and baby and locked myself in the bathroom. I sat in front of the locked door and he busted it down. I ran ot the living room and laid my daughter down. I was forced back to the bathroom where I took my last lashing from him. He held me down and bit me all over my body, drawing blood. He beat me for 2 hours. he broke my phone so I couldnt call 911 so I had to lie to him and message a friend to send the cops and an ambulance. I was photographed and had to remove my clothing - i was now a victim, a survivor and a piece of evidence.

I was alone, frightened and ashamed - then I was referred to Urban Success where I was shown hope and life after so much physical, sexual and mental abuse. I felt safe for the first time in a long time.

Urban Success helped me get to where I needed to be and helped keep me safe. I always had someone to talk to 24 hours a day. They relocated us to a hidden location and escorted us to our court appointments to make sure my abuser was punished to the full extent of the law and I felt safe to testify against him among his family and friends. Urban Success helped way beyond counseling and court services with clothing, food, furniture and even transported me to work when I got a job. I am a survivor and now I live for my daughter and I'm happy.

Thank you Urban Success for giving me a sense of refuge.


Urban Success Founder:

When I first started Urban Success it was to fill a need I observed while working in the inner city public school system. I had no idea the people I helped would at times over the years help me so much, starting with the gang members who helped me escape my abusive husband, protected me throughout my healing process and gave me the strength I needed after being oppressed and beaten down for so long.

After I got out and began rebuilding myself, I realized I couldn't be the only one suffering at the hands of their partner so we began to help countless others escape abuse and recover. Because of my work in the community, people knew me and trusted me. The calls for help started pouring in and haven't stopped yet.

We believe in changing lives through action and personal connections. We build long lasting relationships that benefit the whole community. Our goal is to empower people to live safe, healthy and happy lives.