Because of the efforts our volunteers make and the significance our work has on individual women, families and the community at large, we are always seeking partnership with local businesses, churches, non-profits and organizations that hold similar values as Urban Success Mentoring.

Parent Partners: We need experienced parents to come alongside "young" parents who are new to having a family and may be juggling work and/or school to be a resource for them when they are overwhelmed. We draw from our own life experience to assist when their child gets sick, babysit if they need a break and be someone they can rely on when things get hard.

Mentors: We are always looking for individuals who want to connect with kids and families in the community to help with homework, sports, social issues etc. We want to be a positive presence in people's lives and help them achieve their goals. We take a very personal approach and form bonds that last a lifetime.  

Angels: Urban Success Mentoring operates thanks to the dedication and hard work of a handful of people. We are always looking for people who have the time to assist us with various tasks. We make TONS of deliveries including food, clothing, mattresses and other furniture from our pantry and are in need of men who can lift as well as vans to transport these items. We need people who are good at marketing and social media who can help us take Urban Success Mentoring to a higher platform and let everyone know what services are available. Having people willing to drive and transport our members to different places such as a food pantry, job interview or doctor appointment etc. would be extremely helpful. Their are many different ways for you to get involved!

Become a Partner or form your own team

If you would like to partner with us or schedule a presentation at your workplace to learn more about Urban Success Mentoring, or you would like to create a crisis response team in your area we can provide training and resources, please fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get back to you.

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