Urban Success was devastated in early 2017 by the sudden and tragic loss of a young couple who committed suicide just days apart. Our community has lost two young people with very bright futures, who were clearly struggling with things they didn't share with anyone. They didn't reach out for help with their temporary problems - they took a permanent route out of their troubles and pain.

Several days later, our Crisis Response Team was asked to assist with two separate women threatening suicide and we were able to successfully diffuse those situations with the help of family and professionals, however, it was during these calls, that we realized we are not equipped or trained to handle suicide. This is partially why we want to host this event and spread awareness.

Many people young and old from all walks of life face uncertainty with their life's direction and  challenging circumstances. Statistics show Veterans are at an extremely high risk of committing suicide as well and we have a heart to reach out to them and be a support system during times of hardship. We want to let people know in times of pain and confusion, they have options and taking their own life should never be one of them.

We are looking for volunteers, donations and sponsors to host our first annual Suicide Awareness and Prevention Event in Cincinnati Ohio. If you have time to help us; items to donate for raffle prizes; able to contribute financially or want to help in some way - we want your help!

If you or your company would be willing to sponsor this event and be mentioned in our promotions, we would love to hear from you!


Please contact Malinda at 513-628-3827 with questions or if you could help us in any way. Let's be a shining light for those in the dark shadows of suicide and a healing hand to those left behind.