At Urban Success, our Street Outreach and Crisis Intervention Teams feel a sense of urgency to tell you about the dangers of human trafficking going on in your backyards right now and what to do about it.

As we've told you, Ohio, where we are based, is 4th in the nation for human trafficking which includes commercial sex, forced domestic service and organ harvesting. Absolutely EVERYONE is at risk - EVERYONE needs to be alert to what is going on and how to stay safe until we put an end to trafficking.

Just last month, our team was able to rescue a man who was lured from Covington KY with the promise of work. He quickly realized he was going to be killed for his organs once they arrived in Chicago. He reached out on Facebook and one of our clients immediately contacted us. We were able to track his whereabouts and send one of our teams in the area to assist law enforcement in his rescue.

Our passion is for children being trafficked by and among family members or sold to drug dealers so we use our extensive network of street connections to identify children and families at risk but you need to understand the seriousness and danger of what is occurring in every city across the country right now.

We were recently informed that more than 30 women have disappeared from Florence KY in the past month. It appears several women approach unsuspecting young girls inviting them to attend a bible study group for the God of Mother Church. They talk for a while, invite you to the church or meet for coffee but require you come ALONE. From what we understand, after that, women are swept out of the country or to another state, making it extremely difficult to find and rescue.


If you suspect you are being followed or profiled for trafficking, or are approached by someone that makes you uncomfortable, call 911 and stay in a public place around other people. Try to take a photo of that person, get a detailed physical description, their "name", accents, contact info, vehicle description and plates etc. As much information as you can collect will help law enforcement and Urban Success.

Install the app Life360 on everyone in your family's phone. It is so much easier to locate someone using this app than if we have to ask a judge to sign a warrant to ping a cell phone tower. Literally hours of life saving time will be spared. Also use the find my iPhone feature as well.

DO NOT EVER give out your personal information like where you live, work, attend church or go to school, (they will ask). Do not let them see you get in your car or which direction you go.  Do not walk to their car with them to get a pamphlet or any materials.

*Do not let them distract you from your children - they work in teams many times and one person will distract you while the other snatches your child out of the car seat or cart.

URBAN SUCCESS HAS A 100% SUCCESS RATE OF RESCUING VICTIMS. We then immediately implement our support services which last indefinitely.


The Salvation Army is extremely active in the fight against human trafficking and offer lots of training and resources as well as The Polaris Project. Each state has a Human Trafficking Task Force through the Attorney General's Office, you can also contact your local Sheriff's office and the FBI to make reports.

As always, feel free to reach out to us here at Urban Success for more information or assistance 513-800-1933