Human Trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world.

  • The International Labour Organization estimates that there are 40.3 million victims of human trafficking globally.

    • 81% of them are trapped in forced labor.

    • 25% of them are children.

    • 75% are women and girls.

  • The International Labor Organization estimates that forced labor and human trafficking is a $150 billion industry worldwide.

  • The U.S. Department of Labor has identified 139 goods from 75 countries made by forced and child labor.

  • In 2016, an estimated 1 out of 6 endangered runaways reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children were likely child sex trafficking victims.

    • Of those, 86% were in the care of social services or foster care when they ran.

  • There is no official estimate of the total number of human trafficking victims in the U.S. Polaris estimates that the total number of victims nationally reaches into the hundreds of thousands when estimates of both adults and minors and sex trafficking and labor trafficking are aggregated.

Statistics from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) in Washington, DC show human trafficking cases in Ohio are some of the highest in the nation. Their were 289 cases in 2015 alone. That is the 4th highest tally in the nation, behind only California, Texas and Florida.

Victims of human trafficking include children involved in the sex trade, adults age 18 and over who are coerced or deceived into commercial sex acts and anyone forced into different forms of "labor or services", such as domestic workers held in a home, or farm-workers forced to labor against their will.

In 2016, Urban Success decided we had a role in ending human trafficking, primarily commercial sex trafficking, child sex trafficking and organ harvesting. It has become our passion so we began training with the experts and networking as much as possible. Then we started talking with survivors to learn more about how to provide the most effective services and support during and after a human trafficking experience. 

Beyond all of this, we are developing a long-term program catered around their experiences and needs throughout their healing process. Youth are at the greatest risk for victimization, girls and boys ages 10 - 19 are most at risk, therefore that is our primary focus, although organ harvesting seems to have no age limits.

Our street outreach workers bring awareness to consumer based businesses such as motels, hotels, bars, clubs, churches, schools, etc as well as law enforcement about local human trafficking. We will continue to assist victims in every way possible and grow through our own training. If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, contact us today.



Traffickers prey on young girls and women who are alone and distracted, usually by their phones or children. When you walk to and from your car, call someone and keep them on the phone with you. If anyone approaches you, give a physical description to the person on the phone with you.

NEVER get in anyone's car or let them get in yours even to get out of the weather for a moment.

NEVER give out personal information such as your Facebook name, phone number, employer, school or address.

Stay alert to the activity going on around you.

Stay aware of people moving into your personal space.

When out with children do not leave them unattended or in some cases take your hand off of them, traffickers work in teams and one will distract you while the other takes the child out of the cart or car seat.

Park close to the cart corral but if you cant, put your child in the car before your items and lock your vehicle while returning your cart.

Create a code word and safety plan for your family.

Install the app Life 360 on your family members phones. It is the BEST REAL TIME TRACKING tool we have in the fight against trafficking. It takes you straight to their exact location.

For young children, give them Verizon Gizmo's - its like an Apple Watch with GPS that also goes to within feet of their exact location and allows you to turn the ringer off and call in silently to listen to what is going on. You can program up to 4 phone numbers in it and it can record conversations.

Take a martial arts class as a family and if you're comfortable with weapons such as knives, mace and Kubotan's, certainly carry them.

We encourage everyone to get your concealed carry and practice with their firearm to become proficient.


Traffickers will take children of any age, boy or girl, into their early 20's. Be aware of who your kids friends are. If they start coming home with expensive shoes, iPhones, going out with older guys on fancy dates - GET INVOLVED! Ask questions because this is the beginning of what could be a very dangerous relationship.

Create safety habits with your child. One thing I do with my own young children is Marco Polo. When you are out in public with your child and you lose sight of them, yell "Marko!" They are to yell "Polo!" and FREEZE WHERE THEY STAND SO YOU CAN FIND THEM.

Prevention is key! 

Invite speakers from the field to your small groups, churches, etc to educate your community on human trafficking.


Also, check out the following documentaries:

Sold In America


I Am Jane Doe

The trilogy, Taken, was not based on a true story that we are aware of, but mirrors real life scenarios.



Never put your real full name on your account.

Use a profile and background photo that is not of you or your family.

Turn off all location settings and only post your location or "check-in" on your way out.

Change passwords quarterly and never give anyone your passwords.

Do not accept friend requests from people you don't know personally.



If you suspect a human trafficking situation, call 911 and ask for the human trafficking task force or investigator to respond in plain clothes to the location and give a detailed description of the people involved. Give a description of the vehicle, license plate and direction they are heading if they left.

Our teams also respond 24/7 to help anyone who is ready to leave. If you or someone you know needs help getting away, please don't hesitate to call 513-800-1933 or of course call 911 and ask for the Human Trafficking Investigator.

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