Urban Success has had an absolutely incredible year of serving others and helping transform lives all across the U.S. We need to do more in the coming year and it's going to require more people and more finances.

Did you know, it takes us up to 5 hours to find an available bed in a shelter for a survivor we rescue and most shelters will not accept male sons of our victims, no matter what the age, so in 2018 our goal is to begin to acquire our own property to use as emergency crisis shelters and transitional housing for our long term care program to be implemented.


Urban Success is growing at rapid speed and cannot continue to operate without sponsors. Our Crisis Response Teams can respond to as many as 5 crisis calls a week and provide as many as 3 court escorts a day. Each crisis run and court escort costs us money. Obviously we need money for gas, a meal for the team and victims we remove or escort, the purchase of items they may need that we do not have in our pantry, etc.

YOU can support our work by becoming a sponsor! Choose either a crisis run or court escort for just $100 to cover our costs, or provide for one of each!  Everyone CAN do something to save a life.


*Keep in mind we are a 501(c)3 and all contributions are tax deductible whether monetary, automobile, real estate, vacant land, food, clothing etc. and we are in need of all of these.