Urban Success Junior Squad - Animal Rescue and Furever Homes:

Last Year, the Urban Success Junior Squad, (children who provide peer support, trauma care and mentorship), noticed a severe issue in our community - homeless animals. Some appeared to be fine, but others were clearly hurt or hungry. Some were being hit by cars and some were having litters of kittens or puppies in dangerous places, without shelter.

Naturally, children love animals and want them to be safe, loved and well cared for, so we began asking members of the community to allow us to set out kennel cabs that we provide near their doors and help us capture as many stray animals as they can. It is working.

Now to find them their furever homes is the biggest challenge. 

We have no background information about these animals, but so far, all of them have been extremely friendly with not only kids and adults, but other animals as well and receptive of help and love. We bring them in from the elements, feed and care for them until we can place them in loving furever homes. It’s pretty simple and very rewarding.

Stay tuned for pix of our current cuties who would love to be the newest member of your family today! Adoption fees may apply to help us cover costs.

If you have seen strays in your area that could benefit from a furever home, you would like to adopt one of our rescue animals or support our rescue efforts ie: food, kennel cabs, emergency vet care, transportation etc. please reach out to Paulette at 513-508-1171 or urbansuccess@outlook.com